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Eyre Peninsula Field Days president Geoff Bammann extends a warm welcome to the Field Days

Eyre Peninsula Field Days Program

ON BEHALF of the 2018 Eyre Peninsula Field Day Committee I would like to extend you a warm welcome to the 21st biennial Eyre Peninsula Field Days on this site.

The committee and many volunteers have worked very hard to bring you a three-day event that will not only provide you with some entertainment but also give you the opportunity to talk to exhibitors, see all of the latest in farm machinery, livestock handling equipment and all of the associated services that we need to run a successful business.

We need to acknowledge and thank our exhibitors for putting on such a great display.

Without them we would not have a field day.

The machines, technology and genetics we can access for farming are incredible compared to the first field days here 40 years ago.

It has allowed us to produce some amazing crops and stock on dry years, such as this one has been.

There is a vast display of the latest in farming equipment and tools that make the industry very interesting for our switched on younger farmers.

Just the opportunity to talk with the technicians and experts is of great value.

You may learn something that will make or save you thousands.

The Eyre Peninsula Field Days Pavilion will certainly warrant a visit with a full program running every day.

Cosi, of South Aussie with Cosi, and Beebs, of 5CC, will keep you all entertained with beer tasting, the Artyculture Parade,  George the Farmer, Mint Fusion fashion parade and a chat on the couch.

Outdoors there will be Old MacDonald’s Farm, Xtreme Trail Bikes, School Bands and also the Police Band to keep us occupied.

Let’s not forget the lifestyle exhibitors that have put on a great display of their products and services for our benefit.

They certainly go to a lot of trouble to showcase what they have on offer.

There are cooking demonstrations, cooking classes for the kids and a huge range of catering outlets to keep your taste buds stimulated and your energy levels up.


Once again welcome to the 2018 Eyre Peninsula Field Days.

I hope your visit provides you with ideas to enhance the running of your business or home, the tools to do it successfully and the opportunity to network, meet up with friends and acquaintances and generally enjoy all that the three days has to offer.

Thank you for attending.

Safe travels.

Geoff Bammann,

Eyre Peninsula Field Days president.

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