Sites Available


Large Static Sites – these sites are 30m deep x 10m frontage, and additional blocks are available in 5m increments.  These blocks have two road frontages, front and back, or three on corner blocks.

Small Static Sites – 15m deep x 5m frontage, available in 5m increments.  Generally these blocks only have one road frontage, except on corner blocks.

Crossville Pavilion – a large marquee on D Road adjacent to the main Field Days Site Office, offering indoor sites 3m x 3m.  Bare sites only, no walls or furniture.  Generally this pavilion houses companies with an agricultural focus, eg. Grain marketing, Govt deparments, etc.

Lifestyle Outside Blocks – 10m x 10m, available in increments of 5m.  These blocks are located around the Lifestyle Food Court, and are generally in high demand.

Lifestyle Inside Sites – Carpa & Kielpa Pavilions – large marquees offering 3m x 3m bare sites, which are extremely popular, particularly corner sites.  Exhibitors are advised to apply before the closing date to ensure a site.

Application Form

Catering – only a limited number of outside caterers are employed, as many local groups and organisations provide onsite catering as a fundraising venture.  The closing date for catering applications is generally 30th March.  Please contact the Secretary for further details.  There are 4 areas designated for catering on site.

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