General Information

Yellow Brick Road

Unfortunately due to the dissolving of the Yellow Brick Road business the Yellow Brick Road will not be on at the 2018 Field Days.


Cleve airstrip is situated 3kms east of the site – all weather.  A courtesy bus is available to and from the airport and town.  Please advise the office of your requirements.


There will be on site catering for exhibitors from Monday August 13thExhibitors may only provide coffee/tea and biscuits and/or light refreshments. Full meals are not permitted. STRICTLY NO URNS OR COFFEE MACHINES – JUGS ONLY.  Exhibitors not complying with this requirement may have their site approval revoked under terms and conditions Clause 25.  We recommend that you utilise one of the official on site caterers.  Exhibitors providing hospitality areas for their customers must adhere to Health Regulations covering food – note Section 62(3)(b) of the Health Act and you must contact the Cleve District Council on 8628 2004.

The Eyre Peninsula Field Day committee must be notified (on the application form) that you intend to have a hospitality area and the Cleve District Council must approve it.  Liquor Licences are the responsibility of the site holder, and must be approved prior to the event.

Closing Date for Applications

All applications and payments must be received by June 1st, 2018 or an $80.00 late fee applies.


If no indication of phone, EFTPOS or wireless internet on application these services will NOT be available.  Telstra have confirmed that a GSM service will be available for mobiles & EFTPOS machines.  Tyro broadband is also available.


A courier service will be available for goods weighing more than 5 kg or awkward to carry.  To include your company in this free service, this must be indicated on your application form.


Under no circumstances is digging of holes or driving in of pegs allowed on your site before checking with power and communications officers through the Secretary’s office to ensure there are no power cables, PA cables or water pipes in the vicinity.  All services will be marked with double red lines.


All displays must be in place by 5.00pm on Monday, 13th August 2018 and must not be removed before 5.00pm on Thursday, 19th August 2018.  No access to site after 6pm. Particularly large displays need to be set up as early as possible to ensure easy access to the site.


EFTPOS cash out facility available at main Admin office, D Road.

Emergency Services

SA Ambulance,St Johns, Police, Country Fire Service and State Emergency Services will all be in attendance.  Contact the office should you require any of these services.

Exhibitor Passes

All exhibitors attending the Eyre Peninsula Field Days will require a three day pass at $20.00 each.  Please indicate the number of passes you require on the application form.  (Please note that no passes are included in site fees)  Exhibitor passes will be limited by site size.  Exhibitor passes can be collected from the office until 6pm Monday 13th Aug.  Failure to collect passes by this time will require you to purchase a daily ticket at the gate to be reimbursed at the office when collecting your exhibitor pass.

Fax and Photocopying

Fax and photocopying facilities are available at the Field Days Office.  A fee applies

Gate Times

Gates will be open for exhibitors at 7.00am and closed at 6.00pm.  There will be no camping on site or adjacent car parks by exhibitors.  Public gate times are from 8.00am and closed at 5.30pm.  In the interest of public safety, NO VEHICLES WILL BE PERMITTED TO ENTER OR EXIT THE DISPLAY AREAS PRIOR TO 5.00PM ON THURSDAY AUGUST 16TH.



OH&S STANDARDS states that gas bottles must not be used inside marquees.  Gas bottles must be outside of the marquees and the use of patio heaters and barbecues requires exhibitors to apply for permission from the committee for a list of Terms and Conditions.  This must be adhered to, and will be strictly enforced.

 New Releases

Please indicate on application form any new releases by your company to be eligible for New Release Awards.  (Awards apply to agricultural releases only)



Livestock are permitted on site only with express permission from the committee.  Refer to the application should you require sheep for demonstration or water for your livestock.


Due to public health and safety issues, no dogs will be allowed on the field day site.
(Guide Dogs allowed)

Occupational Health & Safety

All Exhibitors and their employees must abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as applies in SA. Refer to Terms and Conditions on pages 15 & 16 for specific additional information. The site allocated is considered an extension of the exhibitors’ workplace.  You and the Eyre Peninsula Field Days have responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors to your site.  A material safety data sheet must accompany any chemicals brought onto the site.


Parking areas for exhibitors are provided north-west and south of the site (refer to map on page 13).  Exhibitors will be provided with vehicle display stickers


ACCESS WILL BE RESTRICTED. Application for one site pass can be arranged on collection of information pack at main site office. No parking is allowed on access roads or walkways and vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of your site.   This vehicle will be allowed access to the site each morning and the vehicle must be returned to the exhibitor parking area before 9.00 am.  Marked Emergency Services vehicles will have unlimited access to the site.


ALL ELECTRIC URNS, COFFEE MACHINES AND SPACE HEATERS ARE BANNED, due to overloading problems.  Small electric kettles and microwaves are permitted.  It is ESSENTIAL to indicate power requirements on the application form.  All power outlets have 10amp breakers fitted.  Exhibitors are to provide their own onsite extension cords (max 15m).  All cords and appliances MUST meet appropriate safety standards, WITH CURRENT TEST TAGS ATTACHED.

Payment of Fees

All prices listed on the application form are GST inclusive.  Payment will be accepted via Direct Deposit, Cheque, Visa and Mastercard.  Your application WILL NOT be accepted if the total amount including GST is not paid.  Please keep a copy of your site application/tax invoice for taxation purposes.

Premium Site Surcharge

Corner sites on inside rows in pavilions are regarded as “premium sites” due to increased passing foot traffic and attract a 20% surcharge above the normal site fee.

Public Address Advertising

Advertising over our public address system is available for the duration of the Field Days.  Two (2) x 30 second advertisements per day per exhibitor will be allowed.  Further details and costing are on the application form.  Free advertisements may be available to announce on-site demonstrations.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability is incorporated with the site fees.


A public loading ramp is available 24/7.  Please refer to the map on page 14 for the location.

Safety Watch

All personnel and vehicles must be off site each night by 6pm.  Safety Watch will then commence until 7.00am each morning, Saturday 6th Aug, to Friday morning 17th Aug.  Exhibitors are responsible for their site security from 7.00am to 6pm daily.


The following services can be arranged at the Field Days office.  Advance bookings are required.

–     Machinery washing facilities

–          Rubbish Collection

–          Water

–          Cranes

–          Forklifts

–          Post Hole Digging

Site Sharing

It is essential to list other exhibitors on your site on the application form.  This assists us with exhibitor listings and advertising, contacts, etc, and reduces enquiries at our office during Field Days.  Exhibitors who have other firms on their site must ensure that the firm concerned is entered on the Site Application Form.  A site sharing fee of $70.00 (GST inclusive) per additional exhibitor applies and payment must be made to the Eyre Peninsula Field Days Inc. as requested via Tax Invoice.

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